For our school to provide high quality, engaging and inclusive programs, we encourage families to make a voluntary financial contribution to the school. Voluntary financial contributions to our school will be based on two categories:

  • Curriculum Contributions of $370 – These financial contributions pay for curriculum items and activities, including stationery, online learning subscriptions, and resources for specialist subjects.

  • Other Contributions of a minimum of $50 – These financial contributions help pay for non-curriculum items and programs, including playground development, improved technology and our School Building Fund.

The voluntary financial contributions made by QPS families make a significant difference to the quality of our learning programs, access to learning and to enrich the learning environment for all students so that our school offers engaging, inclusive and evidence-based learning programs and wellbeing initiatives.

Families may wish to make their voluntary financial contribution to the school by the end of Term 1, 2024 to assist us in purchasing resources and planning for learning programs. Payment can be made via credit/debit on Compass or at the school office.

Voluntary financial contributions from families contribute to the following:

  • Stationery, equipment and materials to access learning across the Victorian Curriculum.

  • Offer online subscriptions to support student’s literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills.

  • Deliver engaging specialist programs that support student discovery of talents, passions and interests. These include subjects such as Japanese, Visual Arts, First Nations and Science.

  • Maintain, develop and improve our school grounds to provide an inclusive and safe environment where our students can learn and play.

  • Offer educational devices that build’s students’ skills and capabilities in using technology, including iPads, laptops and robotics.

  • Maintain and improve our literacy resources so students have access to books that are relevant, engaging and appropriate for their reading development.

  • Offer effective First Aid for all students.

  • Maintenance of existing playground equipment, sports equipment and vegetable garden.

  • Develop new playground spaces for our students to play on during break times that promotes creativity, physical activity and care for our environment.

The school has purchased all stationery in bulk and will supply your child with the necessary learning materials throughout the year as they need it. Payment for the bulk supply of stationery will be funded by parents’ voluntary contributions for curriculum.

Payments for excursions, events and camps in 2024 will not be included in the voluntary financial contributions from families. Costs to families for these events will be outlined on Compass throughout the year as the events and excursions arise.

Key priorities for 2024 will be focused on enhancing our School’s technology resources, developing our school playground facilities and to build a library and multipurpose building. A key goal for our school will be to improve students' access to technology, including iPads and laptops. Additionally, our school will look to invest in robotics and coding devices to prepare our students for the future. Our school is continuing to look for opportunities to develop and improve our school playground so that students can engage in safe, inclusive and creative play. With the support of parents’ voluntary financial contributions and community grants, we will look to build a nature playground aimed at providing students with the opportunities to be active and engage in imaginative play. We are seeking support from our community and grant applications to build a small classroom that will be used as a library and multi-purpose space for students to learn and to host parent information sessions.

Information about our Voluntary Parent Contribution for 2024 can QPS Parent Payments Information 2024

For further information relating to Parent Payments please visit the following DET site: