Whole School End of Year Transition

In preparation for changes to classes from year to year, our School follows a clear process to support student transitions. The End of Year Transition process aims to ensure it is smooth, supportive and comprehensive for our students to assist their movement between grade levels.

Class formation is carefully considered by our staff to ensure all students’ academic, social and emotional needs are met. Our students have the opportunity to nominate preferences for peers they would like to be in a class with for the following year and we endeavour to ensure every student has at least one peer preference in their class. We aim to form classes that are academically, socially and emotionally balanced to foster a supportive, inclusive and calm learning environment for all students to thrive.

All of our students participate in a Whole School Transition Day in Term 4 whereby they spend a day with their new teacher and class in their new classroom so that they feel well prepared for the following year.

Our teachers engage in a comprehensive handover process whereby they share important information to the following year’s teacher, including information about your child’s academic, social and emotional needs, literacy and numeracy assessment data, learning profiles and Individual Education Plans. This process ensures all of our staff are informed about each individual student in our care.

Prep Transitions

Prep Transition commences in Term 3 and is conducted until the end of Term 4 at Transition Day. Future Prep students participate in sessions from 1-2 hours throughout Term 3 and Term 4 to assist them in familiarising themselves with their new teacher, classroom and our school playground. Some of the Prep Transition sessions involve parents and grandparents to support your child in becoming familiar with our school. As part of the Transition process, your child will get an opportunity to meet our Specialist Teachers to experience the diverse range of subjects they will engage in when they commence Prep, including Visual Arts, First Nations, Science, Japanese and Physical Education.

In Term 4, parents are invited to attend a Prep Parent Information Session in Term 4 to meet the Prep Teacher, Assistant Principal and Principal. The Information Session aims to provide important information about our school to families and to provide support in preparing your child for Prep. Parents are invited to attend a Prep Interview with your child’s future teacher and the Principal. This is an opportunity for us to learn more about your child including strengths, areas of interest, passions and needs.

Year 6 to Year 7 Transitions

Students in Year 6 participate in a range of transition sessions with their nominated High School in Term 4. Our teachers actively engage in communication with your child’s nominated High School to ensure the transition is smooth and key information related to your child’s learning is shared.