At Queenscliff Primary School, we are dedicated to providing a stimulating, inclusive and safe learning environment where every student can thrive academically, socially and emotionally. We aim to equip our students with the necessary skills, knowledge and character traits to be critical and creative thinkers, resilient and empathetic individuals and globally-minded citizens who want to make a positive difference to others, the environment and the world around them. We aim to inspire curiosity, encourage independent thinking and instil a lifelong love of learning.

Our school’s values of integrity, optimism, gratitude and empathy are embedded into our curriculum and wellbeing programs to build resilience, compassion and understanding in our graduates. At Queenscliff Primary School we offer a comprehensive curriculum focused on developing and consolidating literacy and numeracy skills. Students engage in a diverse range of specialist subjects to nurture the discovery of their individual strengths and interests. In 2024, students will engage in Physical Education, Visual Arts, First Nations, Science/STEM and Japanese as part of our specialist curriculum programs and whole school events. We firmly believe in the importance of developing well-rounded individuals who are not only academically proficient but also possess strong interpersonal skills, a care for their environment, respect for the First Nations People and strong connection to the Queenscliff community.

School Values

Integrity: A commitment to honesty and moral principles.
Optimism: The belief that, despite challenges, the future holds opportunities and positive outcomes.
Empathy: An ability to understand and share the feelings of others.
Gratitude: The quality of being thankful and readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness to others.

School Pillars

Our school has 5 Pillars that are underpinned by our School’s Values. The Pillars have been developed to make the School’s Values tangible for students and to foster a common language across staff, students and parents to foster a positive, supportive and inclusive learning environment for all. The School Pillars feature on the School’s Behaviour Matrix.

Show Respect - Always treat others, school property and the environment with care and respect.

Right To Learn - Every student has a right to learn and thrive in a supportive learning environment.

Safe Spaces - Create a learning environment that is safe for all students to engage in learning and play.

Personal Best - Apply effort and persistence to achieve a personal best in all learning tasks and opportunities.

Value the Opportunity - Show gratitude, optimism and thankfulness for the learning experiences and opportunities provided by our School.