At Queenscliff Primary School, we believe in nurturing the creative potential of every child through our vibrant Performing Arts Program. Aligned with the Victorian Curriculum structures, our program offers a dynamic blend of music, drama, and dance, providing students with valuable opportunities for self-expression, collaboration, and personal growth.

Engaging Curriculum

Our Performing Arts curriculum is thoughtfully designed to align with the Victorian Curriculum, ensuring that students develop essential skills and knowledge across various domains. Through engaging activities and projects, students explore different forms of artistic expression, from mastering musical instruments to exploring dramatic storytelling techniques.

Creative Expression

We celebrate the unique talents and creativity of each student, fostering a supportive environment where they can freely express themselves through music, drama, and dance. Our dedicated teachers encourage students to explore their imagination, develop their confidence, and embrace their individuality through creative performances and presentations.

Performing Arts Programs

Song Room

Students in Year 3 and Year 4 participate in the Song Room program for 1 hour a week. Song Room aims to build students’ confidence, ability to take risks with their learning and to support their social-emotional wellbeing, whilst gaining valuable Performing Arts skills. The Song Room is a purpose driven organisation who work with schools to provide Arts Learning programs to students, and also provides specialist art and music training to classroom teachers.

Independent research on The Song Room programs has shown a lift in academic performance, improved school attendance, improved social-emotional well-being, and improved community involvement.

Students learn to sing and play percussion instruments while developing a thorough understanding of the musical elements: dynamics, rhythm, pitch, timbre and texture. The emphasis on group work, improvisation and composing supports students to develop their personal and social capability and their critical and creative thinking.

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Performing Arts Programs

Geelong Schools Music and Movement Festival

Students in Grade 5/6 will have the chance to perform at the Geelong Schools Music and Movement Festival at the Geelong Arts Centre - which aims to celebrate the creativity and passion that exists within our school community.

Performing Arts Programs

School Musical Production

Queenscliff Primary School prides itself on its vibrant and inclusive musical productions (every 2nd year) which serve as a cornerstone of the school's creative and cultural endeavours. These productions are much anticipated events within the school community, showcasing the diverse talents and collaborative spirit of students, teachers, and staff.