Visual Arts Curriculum

The Visual Art program at Queenscliff Primary School is designed to encourage and challenge our students to achieve their artistic potential in an enjoyable and supportive learning environment. Students develop their creativity and imagination whilst refining their practical and fine motor skills. They learn to plan, design and create artworks, making choices to experiment with materials, tools and techniques.

The Visual Arts program is aligned with the Victorian Curriculum’s content and skills. The curriculum has two defined areas, ‘Creating and Making’ and ‘Exploring and Responding’.

Creating and Making

In ‘Creating and Making’, students are engaged in concepts, exploring experiences, ideas, feelings and understandings through making, interpreting, creating and presenting art work. Students perform activities that allow them to be exposed to elements, principles, materials and various types of equipment. Students investigate different creative outcomes as ways to express themselves.

Exploring and Responding

In the second dimension of ‘Exploring and Responding’, students analyse and develop an understanding about their own and other people’s work. Students also have the opportunity to be exposed to various artists of the past and present day. During art classes, students learn about specific artists, their techniques and about the history of art. Students are exposed to local, national and international artists and study their style, composition and technical features of their works. These studies are often the motivation to inspire artwork produced by the students.

Celebrating Visual Arts

Students engage in Visual Arts for 1 hour a week with their class and have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricula activities, including the biannual Art Show.

Artworks produced by our talented students are celebrated and displayed around the school as well as on social media.

At Queenscliff Primary School, we believe Visual Arts education is a unique, expressive, creative and communicative form that engages students in critical and creative thinking and helps them understand themselves and the world in every society.

Art Show

Students have the opportunity to plan, design and create artworks for our biannual Art Show. Our Art Show is held within the Borough of Queenscliffe and is an opportunity for our students to gain the experience of an accomplished artist in displaying their artwork in a gallery for families and community members to view. Every student has at least one artwork displayed in the Art Show. The Art Show has an array of different art mediums on display. Students create artworks for the show based on a theme to inspire curiosity, investigation and exploration.