At Queenscliff Primary School, we value and prioritise student voice as an integral aspect of our educational philosophy. We believe that students should have a meaningful role in shaping their learning environment and contributing to school decisions. Through various channels such as:

  • Student Leadership
  • SRC
  • Co-Planning for Curriculum Programs
  • Junior QCAN - Ride/Walk to School Day
  • Student Feedback on teaching and learning

Empowering Students

We provide opportunities for students to express their ideas, concerns, and aspirations. We actively listen to their perspectives, ensuring that their voices are heard and respected in matters that affect them. By empowering students to participate in decision-making processes, we foster a sense of ownership, responsibility, and leadership among our student body. At Queenscliff Primary School, every student's voice matters, and together, we create a vibrant and inclusive school community where everyone feels valued and supported.